Beneath This Stone

Orchestra: (3222 4231 timp, 2 perc, hp, str)
Duration: 10 minutes

Commissioned by the Annapolis Symphony

Premiere: March 2008

About Beneath This Stone:
I visited Annapolis in early 2007, and I felt a strong juxtaposition of layers of energy: there seems to be a surface level of the every-day bustle, a middle-ground rooted in the historical buildings that have stood sine Annapolis’s beginnings, all of which is connected to the surrounding water with a slow rhythm that has been present even before people settled on the shore. The simultaneous activity and rhythms of the people and the place are striking. The feels of the city seems to convey the past, present, and future at once.

The music of Beneath This Stone captures the ebb and flow between the permanence and transience of historical renewal. The title comes from a plaque on an historical marker in Market Square with the title “History Stone.” The plaque explains that the granite block to which it is attached was the cornerstone of a proposed fountain dedicated on the 200th Anniversary of the Annapolis City Charter in 1908. The small monument moved me because of the contrast between the heaviness of the stone and the lightness of a fountain which has never been built. Annapolis has many monuments, historical buildings, memories of significant events, and plans that look forward for development in the coming years; and it is my hope that Beneath This Stone can serve as a living musical monument and tribute to Annapolis’s rich past, present, and future.