given a body

TTBB Men’s Chorus
Duration: 12 minutes

Commissioned by an Anonymous Donor to celebrate the inaugural year of Eugene Rogers as Director of the Michigan Men’s Glee Club

Premiere: March 2012, Ann Arbor, MI

The movements of given a body are meant to be modular: performed in any order, dispersed among other pieces, individually, or in groupings conducive to creative programming needs.

given a body Poetry by Megan Levad

our many-petaled mouths hushed
we feed like bees on honeysuckle
while the skyline turns back over into stars

in the green knot of your garden
I am freed
reborn a bright new planet
sea, stone, weed, swell all

how light reflects on water:
when a seed grows in darkness:
why you are here to fill the space you fill:
where given a body:

with my fist full of your hair
in your eyes my still face
as a pond lies under the moon, I under you
we waterlily: we lift a white sail : watch us rise

dark roses
your lips, your hip, the bare of your back
they bloom on you they bloom everywhere upon you
dark roses bloom between us when we touch

go slow now
slower than you came
let’s delight the lightening sky
that wakes a world with you in it

© 2012 Megan Levad