Bass Vocalist & Piano
Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by Benjamin Sieverding

Premiere: 6 April 2013, Ann Arbor, MI

KING – Poetry by Megan Levad


And so my people sook to me
for bread, to settle scores
wind out the days; good names for boys
and prayers for the newly dead


My realm was me, I was my realm.
Each wood, the jenny wrens in every hedge,
each sunfish in each mottled, reed-choked pond,
all mine.


I’ve always had an appetite
for wives,
but lust’s no fun.
With every seduction guaranteed,
you’ll find you only get her body,
letter, form, the silhouette, her squirming
deed, but not her will.


Ever since that skein of ants
hand-overed golden grains
into my barking mouth
it has been dear to me,
my temper.
My hunger

In all my kingdom no one is less free.

© 2013 Megan Levad