Rain On It

Orchestra (3222 4231 timp, 2 perc, hp, str)
Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Kenneth Kiesler, Conductor

Premiere: March 2012, Ann Arbor, MI

About Rain On It:
I love rain. I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and my dad and I often watched summer afternoon thunderstorms from our front deck as they swept over town and cooled the day.

Rain feels like a transition-time, with the potential for newness after it envelops all it touches. I think of each piece I have written as a sonic snapshot of where and how I was at the time in which they were written. The music of Rain On It is a re-imagining of melodies, harmonies, and textures from two pieces–a string quartet, and a work for orchestra–which I wrote within poignant transitional times in my past. Having recently emerged from another transitional period, I took musical materials from these pieces, re-wove, re-shaped, and transformed them into a newly-changed fleeting sonic moment: a simultaneity that conflates a past as it has passed and a future as it is yet to be. In this music, I freeze an instant of imagined rain, fully static, non-passing, and still. Yet I stretch and dwell within this moment to capture a mood, which celebrates the relentless intensity of time, our enraptured emotionality that is over in the blink of an eye, our strained and fumbling grip on time, churning, incessant, and ceaseless. After the rain, there is newness, and joy.

Dad was a meteorologist, he loved weather. When it rains I am with him, and I love the weather, too.