Sweet Poision

1 Multi-Percussion & Piano
Duration: 4 minutes

Commissioned by multi-percussionist Joseph Gramley

Premiere: September 2011, Ann Arbor, MI

About Sweet Poison:

24 December 2009: In the shallow saltwater off the shore of Cozumel Island, Mexico, a stingray thrust its barbed tail into the fleshy bump adjacent to my left outer ankle bone. The ray’s venom lived in my leg as such: it wrapped around toes and foot + zipped up to knee + wrapped and wrapped and wrapped + zipped back to foot and toes = repeated for ninety minutes. This is how my kneed sounded, during one four-minute venom-wrap. My stay on Cozumel is a lovely, delicious memory. The memory of the venom’s stay in my body tastes like sweet poison.